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5 YouCruit Features that Make Recruiting Truck Drivers Easier

Written by: Rick Acosta

We’re working on making YouCruit every driver recruiter’s tool of choice - but how? Here are five YouCruit features that make life easier for truck driver recruiters.

Team Collaboration

YouCruit makes working as a team easy. Once you create your company within YouCruit, you automatically become the owner and administrator of your YouCruit account.

As an account owner, you are in full control over your jobs, your advertising, and your payments. These higher level decisions are always reserved for you as the account owner. Any additional users you add will not be able to access or change these important configurations.

However, if you have a high workload, or want to bring your entire department on board, you can do so easily by simply adding the emails of any users you wish to invite.

An image of YouCruit user management To add new users, simply click on “User management” from your company overview page, and click the “Invite new user” button above.

Once your other team members accept your invitation, you will be able to change who the account owner is, as well as add and remove any additional users in the future.

YouCruit updates your progress in real time and allows all users to leave notes and change the hiring stages of all the driver applications that come through. In the overview section, you’ll be able to see the latest updates and events and stay on the same page as your teammates without relying on external communication.

You can also use the advanced user access management feature to tweak which positions a certain user has access to.

Setting up your job

Creating each individual job in YouCruit is as easy as filling out a simple job description. This job description is automatically converted to a readable and job-board compliant format that is instantly shared on to our partner job boards and the Lanefinder app.

Thanks to this feature, you can save valuable time advertising your job, as YouCruit will do all the heavy lifting of generating your job descriptions for you.

  • Company wide policies - Entering your company wide policies automatically updates them for all of your positions, so you don’t need to worry about inconsistencies as your company grows and your requirements change.
  • Hiring areas - You can create detailed hiring areas within YouCruit to make sure you only target drivers in the area you designate. These hiring areas automatically get added to the Lanefinder app, and are used to determine which drivers see your ads when you use YouCruit’s pay-per-candidate advertising service. Read more about setting up hiring areas here.
  • Operating areas - Similar to the hiring areas, you can designate where drivers will operate for each of your individual positions. This information is also uploaded to the Lanefinder app, and gives drivers insight into an essential part of their day to day. Letting drivers know their operating areas up front will help you source drivers that are more relevant and more interested in your positions, in a way that’s easy to set up.

Managing applicants with filters

We recently implemented a way to make sorting through your driver applications even easier.

The filters you can sort by are as follows: Awaiting review, in review, approved, hired, rejected.

These filters allow you to keep track of hiring stages and keep your team and yourself organized when dealing with larger hiring loads. Beyond that, you can sort by when drivers applied to see the newest applications first.

With these filters in place, you can prioritize the drivers that need most attention first. With bigger hiring volumes, filters help you split up your recruiting workload between your team mates to make recruiting even faster.

Find out more about candidate navigation and filters here.


Our messaging functionality allows all companies using YouCruit and Lanefinder to message drivers directly from the comfort of their computers or phones.

Messaging drivers directly while you're recruiting is incredibly useful as it stops you from having to copy and paste an email or phone number, leave the page, write and send an email, et cetera.

You can have several conversations within YouCruit simultaneously and keep up to date with drivers without keeping track of communications elsewhere.

One of our customers at Destiny Transportation Inc said this about messaging drivers within YouCruit:

"I love being able to make initial contact with each driver from YouCruit."

She told us that she's had more success getting a hold of drivers using our direct messaging then she ever has by sending emails, and that it's saved her a lot of time, too.

Read more about messaigng here.

Advertising your job

YouCruit offers ways for you to advertise your positions without ever leaving the system. Let me explain how our most popular advertising features currently work.

First, there's Lanefinder Discover. Lanefinder discover is a totally free service that allows you to get discovered by qualified drivers using the Lanefinder app. Drivers that live in one of th ehiring areas you designated when setting up your job will be able to see and apply to your positions. The best part is that drivers that are not qualified for your position will not be able to see or apply to it.

Then, we have our very own pay-per-candidate model which allows you to request any number of driver applications. Once the driver applications are requested, our algorithm finds the best platforms to advertise your job on.

What makes YouCruit pay-per-candidate a better job advertising method than most?

  • It's risk free - There are no upfront costs, and no commitments. Companies that order drivers using this advertising method do not pay until after each driver has been delivered. The best part is that companies are in full control of when to start and stop their budget. This means that even if you have drivers left on your order, you can cancel them and save that money for another time.
  • It delivers passive driver applications - Drivers sourced through job boards are actively looking for jobs. When you advertise on job boards, you’re sandwiched between hundreds of other jobs that all look and sound the same. We deliver passive driver applications to make sure your job is at the top of the driver's mind. Read more about the value of passive driver applications here.


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