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A New Era for YouCruit

Written by: Mats Holmback

Since our launch in 2013 YouCruit has been on a mission to help companies achieve their hiring goals and build their teams more efficiently.

It all started with video resumes and ended up as a full fledged, end to end hiring solution for companies across all industries. We are proud to conclude that we’ve serviced over 18,000 companies in over 40 countries. Unfortunately, we now have to say goodbye to some of you as we embark on a new era for YouCruit.

As of July 1st 2021, we will no longer be a general ATS serving all industry verticals. We are instead transforming YouCruit into a highly verticalized Applicant Tracking Platform tailored to industry specific verticals with unique sets of challenges, beginning with the US Trucking Industry.

By shifting our focus and dedicating our resources to the trucking industry, we can ensure that the smaller pool of companies we continue to service will get the best product on the market. A product that is 100% in tune with their needs and expectations.

What this means for you

Your account will remain open until June 30th 2021, giving you time to try out some of the other amazing applicant tracking system providers out there and pick one that will best fit your needs going forward.

Candidate data

We have always built our products with candidates in mind first, meaning that candidates own their data and not our company users. When we close the general platform, old applications and resumes will therefore be deleted from our servers. If you want to save candidate data, you can bulk email all your candidates from within YouCruit and ask candidates for permission to save and download their resumes if you’d like and upload them to your new ATS should you want to.

Thank you

We truly appreciate you being a part of our journey and letting us play a small part in yours! You know where to find us in the support chat if you have any questions. We wish you all the best of success in the future!

// Mats Holmbäck
CEO, YouCruit

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