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Better Candidate Navigation - Sort and Filter Driver Applications in YouCruit

Written by: Rick Acosta

YouCruit has implemented a way to make managing your candidates even easier. Here’s how it works!

We’ve equipped YouCruit with a new way to efficiently sort and navigate your driver applications. With this convenient new feature, you’ll be able to stay organized and efficient, even if you have hundreds of driver applications to go through.

Quick navigation in the applicants tab

First, let’s take a look at quick navigation. When you click on a candidate in the ‘Applications’ tab of one of your jobs, you’ll see their name and the ability to message them to the right of your screen.

gif of cycling through drivers.

You can now quickly cycle through your applicants without leaving the page.

gif / screencap of driver list

You can also click on the drivers’ names in the quick navigation tab to browse between specific driver profiles for quicker access.

gif of clicking on the orange filters button

You can also click on the orange “filters” button to browse between candidates that are at different stages of the hiring process. This way you can easily block rejected drivers, or only focus on drivers you haven’t processed yet.

Candidate navigation in the jobs tab

When you select one of your jobs or lanes, you can view your driver applications in one big list and see general information about their status.

screencap of applicants tab within job profile

Here, you’ll be able to see new events, track hiring status at a glimpse and see when each driver applied.

screencap of selecting filters in the job applicant tab

You can also filter drivers by hiring stages to ensure you only view relevant profiles.

With these new features in place, you’ll be able to simplify your workflow and waste less time. If you have any questions, or would like a free consultation regarding your current hiring situation, reach out to us at Happy hiring!

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