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Feature Highlight - Hiring Areas

Written by: Rick Acosta

Isn’t it frustrating when you spend ages processing a driver only to find out they live outside of your official hiring area?

We think so too, which is why YouCruit comes with the tools to help you detect which drivers are outside of your hiring area right away.

Here’s how YouCruit handles hiring areas, and determines whether a driver is within your hiring radius or not:

Hiring Areas in YouCruit

Every job you make in YouCruit has a hiring area attached to it.

You can either designate hiring areas, by state, city, or town.

Hiring areas by city in YouCruit You can modify the hiring area by dragging the points.

Delete area function in YouCruit Hiring Map If you make a mistake, you can double click on the hiring area to delete it.

Alternatively, if your hiring area is highly specific, you can use our hiring area tool to draw your own hiring area. This allows you to get as specific as you want, and make sure there is no margin of error.

Drawing hiring areas in YouCruit

As you can see, this company hires in two different areas, and can define their hiring areas easily with a visual interface.

This way, no matter how diverse and muddled your hiring areas are, our software will let you know if a driver qualifies or not right away.

Automatically filter drivers outside of your hiring area

Once your job ad is up and running, you’ll receive a stream of driver applications.

Because you set up your hiring areas earlier, you’ll get a quick overview in your applicant list over who is within your hiring area and who isn’t.

Hiring areas by city

At a glance, you can tell which drivers are within your hiring areas, and which ones aren’t. You also get a quick overview of the candidate status as well as notifications about unread events.

Being able to see who is in your hiring area and who isn’t can allow you to prioritize which candidates you process first. This is highly valuable as you can shave off a large chunk of time that you’d otherwise spend checking and reading unqualified driver applications.

Clicking on a driver opens a window with more information. Their status and contact information can be accessed here.

Candidate profile example in YouCruit

As you can see, the driver’s zip code is present here. This is how YouCruit determines whether or not the driver is within your hiring area or not.

On this screen you can view your history with the candidate, as well as any interactions you’ve had with them in the “events” tab.

Candidates that have filled out some screening with our partner, Lanefinder, will have more information available in their profile.

Candidate profile with Lanefinder screening complete in YouCruit Note:There are more screening questions than pictured above.

These candidates have already completed the pre-screening section of the application. This makes it easy for you to know which drivers to prioritize. This gives you the ability to act fast on hot candidates - which could mean the difference between a hire and the driver taking a job elsewhere.

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Until next time, happy hiring.

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