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How to Choose Where to Advertise Your Trucking Job

Written by: Rick Acosta

When your trucks sit empty, you need a way to spread the word about your jobs. But what if you don’t know where to begin?

Many trucking companies aren’t aware of the options at their disposal when it comes to advertising their jobs. Many settle for free options and word of mouth and experience varying results. What works for some doesn’t work for others, and sometimes companies find themselves at a point where they realize they need to spend money to make money.

This little blog post aims to outline the most common job advertising options at your disposal as well as the pros and cons of each. My hope is that by reading this, you’ll be able to assess your hiring needs and make the right choice for your company.


To begin, let’s take a look at probably the most popular job board for recruiting truck drivers in the United States, Indeed. Odds are, if you recruit drivers, you’re either on it now or have been on it in the past. Still, if you’re unfamiliar with what to expect, here’s a quick assessment of the pros and cons:

Free option

Indeed’s free option is exceedingly popular among trucking companies. Smaller carriers and those uncertain of spending money are naturally attracted to this option. It’s a great first step to getting your job out there, but let’s see if we can pick it apart.


  • Easy one click applications - Jobs posted to Indeed are usually easy to apply to and lead the drivers directly to your site or application form. This simplicity makes it easier for drivers to apply, but can lead to a lower quality of leads in the long run. This simplicity of posting is great if you want to get many leads, but you may have to trade off quality for quantity.
  • It’s literally free - Probably the biggest benefit of the free job posting is that it’s free. Depending on where you live and what the local competition looks like, this can be enough to get a decent number of driver applications for your driving position.


  • You’re on a crowded platform - Posting your jobs to Indeed for free means entering a forum with thousands of other companies that are trying to sell what you’re selling. The competition element is intense and this leads to further problems.
  • It’s hard to stand out - Standing out becomes challenging as your job gets lost in a sea of other similar positions.
  • Many bad quality leads - As a result of being on an overcrowded job board, you end up with a lot of poor quality driver leads. This is due to the behavior of most drivers that use Indeed, as they ‘one-click apply’ to dozens of jobs all at the same time. These drivers may not be qualified or even interested in your position, and odds are they’ll be getting called down by hundreds of other recruiters before you can even get them on the line.

Paid options

Indeed’s paid options might provide companies with more consistent results, but the degree of effectiveness varies from company to company. So what are the pros and cons of paying for Indeed?


  • You can boost your job - This places your job higher in the hierarchy and allows you to receive more exposure than the competition that isn’t paying for job ads.
  • Indeed can send you resumes / pay per click - This can be a good way for companies that have a large hiring volume to fill their resume pipeline.


  • You are not guaranteed good leads - Just paying for Indeed to sponsor your job does not guarantee any applicants, or a higher quality of applicants. For some companies, this negates the value of the service.
  • Pay per click can bring more resumes than you can handle - Some companies report that paying for resumes to come in from Indeed yields more applicants than they can handle, and many times ones that are not even directly interested in their jobs.
  • You need to follow job posting guidelines - This means that all job posts are standardized and you have limited freedom when it comes to what you can post and showcase on Indeed.


Craigslist is another popular hub for hosting trucking jobs. Though posting many other jobs on Craigslist is cheaper, trucking jobs cost anywhere from $10 to $75 per job posting per month depending on your area. The question is, what does that money get you?


  • You can customize your post - Craigslist allows for a degree of customizability that you don’t get elsewhere. That means you can add photos and showcase the benefits and unique features of your company through an image, a blurb, or your own words.


  • No guaranteed applications - Paying to post your job on Craigslist does not guarantee that drivers will actually apply to your job. If you’re looking for value for money, your mileage may vary.
  • It’s overcrowded - When drivers browse the available trucking jobs in your area, they will see your company as just another name in a sea of other ads and companies. This makes it difficult to grab their attention or make drivers see the value of your company over another
  • Low lead quality - When drivers visit job boards like Craigslist, they have a tendency to click ‘apply’ to as many jobs as possible. This means that many of the drivers you call to follow up with forget that they applied to your job in particular.

Craigslist example These jobs are all competing for drivers in the same area, on one place.

Your Facebook page

Some companies build a strong presence on Facebook to let people in their network know that they’re hiring. How effective this is depends entirely on how much time you invest into your own social media presence.


  • You reach people in your network - Using your Facebook business page means reaching people that are close to you, and allows drivers in your network to spread the word to their networks.
  • Higher lead quality - Drivers that know about your company or ones that have been referred by your drivers are likely to be of better quality than drivers you source from elsewhere.


  • Low reach - If you don’t have your own custom target audience, or if you don’t utilize paid Facebook ads.
  • Craves time commitment - Not all companies have the resources or the time to invest into building a solid social media presence.

Lanefinder & Lanefinder Promote

Lanefinder aims to deliver high quality candidates to trucking companies through the use of their inventive mobile app. They have free and paid options available for trucking companies, depending on their individual hiring needs. Currently, Lanefinder allows all trucking companies to upload their jobs to their app for free. In doing so, carriers can expect to receive free screened and qualified drivers that apply through the Lanefinder app.

The caveat is that their free option doesn’t guarantee volume.

However, companies that have a more urgent hiring need can utilize something they call Lanefinder Promote to get their jobs in front of drivers all over the internet through a programmatic advertising solution. With Lanefinder Promote, companies only pay for the results they receive - they set an order for the amount of driver leads they want to receive, and Lanefinder pays for the cost of advertising up front, and only charges once drivers begin applying.


  • Pay only for results - Lanefinder Promote only charges you when a driver interested enough in your job applies to your position.
  • You get drivers that are actively and passively looking for work - Since Lanefinder advertises jobs on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, drivers that come through usually pay full attention to the job being advertised, and aren’t distracted by a bunch of other jobs taking up their screen real estate.
  • Some drivers are screened for free - Drivers are prompted to complete a pre-screening when they apply, and some driver applications are fully screened before you even reach out to them.
  • Professional ad targeting - Lanefinder relies on years of ad targeting data to efficiently and cheaply target CDL-A drivers across the internet. Getting access to a target audience of that quality on your own would crave unrealistic resources and commitment for most companies to do on their own.


  • Speed - Depending on the quality of your job and other factors, the drivers applying through Lanefinder Promote might trickle in over the course of several days or weeks. However, you’re not charged for anything other than the drivers that do get delivered.
  • Qualifications not guaranteed - Though Lanefinder Promote guarantees you receive candidates each time you’re charged, it’s impossible for them to determine whether or not that driver is fully qualified for your position before they apply. As such, some lower quality drivers will slip through the cracks. However, most companies are still able to make a hire after approximately 15-20 Lanefinder Promote applications.

You can find out more about Lanefinder here, and read an in-depth article about them here.


Hopefully this brief overview will help you decide which job advertising option is right for you. As always, if you want a free consultation or have further queries, reach out to us at and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

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