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How to Display YouCruit Jobs on Your Wordpress Site

Written by: Patrick Gilmore

The YouCruit Job Listings plugin makes it easy for candidates to find and apply to your jobs on your Wordpress powered website. With just a few clicks you’ll have your own job listings section up and running.


  • Display your job listings on any page.
  • Candidates can apply with cover letter, picture, resume, and video.
  • Simple setup - Just type [youcruit_ads] when you want the jobs listed.
  • A style and design that matches your website.

Installation & Usage

  1. Login and find plugin
    Go to your website and login to your Wordpress installation. Go to the plugins section and click 'Add new'. Search for 'YouCruit' and you should find the 'YouCruit Job Listings' plugin.
  2. Install the plugin
    When you've found the plugin, click 'Install now' to add the plugin to your Wordpress installation. After a few seconds the plugin should show up as installed.
  3. Activate the plugin
    Go to your installed plugins in your plugins section and click 'Activate' the 'YouCruit Job listings' plugin.
  4. Get your API key
    Next, go to and log in to your company account. In the drop-down menu on the top right, select 'API key'. On this page, copy the generated API key. Note: You need to be the account owner in order to obtain the API key.
  5. Insert API key in Wordpress installation
    Go back to your wordpress installation and go to the settings page for the 'YouCruit Job Listing' plugin. Insert and save the API key you got from your YouCruit account. YouCruit Wordpress plugin settings
  6. Add job listing
    Now, just add the tag [youcruit_ads] anywhere you want your open positions from YouCruit to be shown on your website. Done.

We know you're going to find some great candidates! If you have any issues figuring out the Wordpress plugin, please reach out to us here.