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How to Find out Where Your Best Candidates Are Coming From

Written by: Patrick Gilmore, Magnus Bergholtz

We’ve expanded YouCruit Insights by giving employers a way to see the ratings (average and distribution ) of candidates coming from a specific channel. Invaluable knowledge to have when deciding where to publish your job ad.

We have also made YouCruit insights available to ALL customers - not only the paying ones.

candidate information on YouCruit

The image above shows how statistics will be displayed for a single channel (Google) showing the following information:

  • Channel share of total application (40% in the image)
  • Total number of applications received through this channel
  • Average rating for candidates
  • Ratings distribution for all candidates using this channel

By understanding which channels are performing best, and where to allocate resources, you'll be able to hire in a more cost-effective manner. Start rating all of your candidates right away and redefine the way you hire.

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