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Introducing Short Forms

Written by: YouCruit Team

We’re launching Short Forms, a solution that will improve your candidate quality and let you get more out of YouCruit.

We’ve been working hard with Lanefinder to improve how we deliver driver applications to you. After much work, we've arrived at a solution that we think will successfully yield you more high quality driver applications.

New short form applications

The way we plan to provide you with more driver applications is through something that we’ve been calling ‘Short forms’.

Our aim with short forms is to increase the amount of applications you receive by removing unnecessary roadblocks.

The bottom line: The current way for drivers to give you the information you need is needlessly complicated. Short form applications make that process easier.

A better user experience for you

These new short form applications are designed to be more relevant and readable to you, at a glance. The new forms will communicate the information you need to reach out and take the next step.


An example of how the short form applications will look. We've removed redundant information, and now provide you with just the information you need to pre-qualify a driver and get in touch.

Simplifying the process for drivers

In cooperation with Lanefinder, we’re making the driver application experience smoother and easier from step one. Instead of having to download the app and fill out an extensive driver profile with their full employment history, drivers will now be taken through a short and comprehensive application wizard.

lanefinder app mockup

A few example questions in the new driver application process. The above image is a mockup of what the new application process looks like on the driver end. The look and order of questions is subject to change.

This new step-by-step process is intuitive and requires minimal effort on the part of the driver. By keeping this process engaging and intuitive, we hope to retain more driver attention and provide you with higher quality leads as a bonus.

Applications from the Lanefinder website

The new short form update will allow drivers to apply to your jobs from any platform directly from the Lanefinder website.

lanefinder website screenshot In addition to the new and simplified application process, drivers will now be able to apply to your jobs directly on the Lanefinder website.

Up until now, drivers have had to download the Lanefinder app and set up a driver profile to apply to your jobs. We're removing that restriction and allowing drivers to apply on their platform of choice.

This effectively multiplies the candidate pool and opens up the application process to users on various platforms.

By removing the way an application is tied to a driver profile, we anticipate higher driver engagement. That translates to more applications of a higher quality.

Shutting down Lanefinder Promote

These new changes mean that the current model Lanefinder Promote is built on is no longer compatible. This is only relevant to the companies that have an ongoing Lanefinder Promote campaign in action.

What this means for companies that have purchased Lanefinder Promote. Since it is a pay for results model, you will not lose any money. This will be better.

The best advertising alternative for now

For those of you that wish to continue promoting your jobs, consider our Facebook advertising campaigns.

Here's a link to a blog where we go into detail on Facebook campaigns. It's a great way to get high quality driver leads for an unbeatable price.

Contact us

As always, if you have any questions, contact us at or reach out to your designated account manager by phone or email. Thanks for your time!

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