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Recruit Faster with a Hiring Profile

Written by: Mats Holmbäck

Only looking for candidates with 3+ years of experience? Or candidates holding a certain certificate? In this article we'll go over how YouCruit automatically sorts and pre-qualifies all candidates, so you don't have to.

Here's how it works

  1. Start by setting up your screening questions for the position you're trying to fill.
  2. Once the screening questions are activated, go to your list of applications and hit the Hiring Profile button and select the correct answers to your questions.
  3. As candidates answer the screening questions, we'll highlight the ones who answered correctly according to the Hiring Profile you set up earlier.
  4. Candidates who answer the "deal-breaker" questions incorrectly will be marked as disqualified.

By using a Hiring Profile with your own smart screening questions, you'll easily shave hours off your recruitment time. That means you'll never spend time reviewing unqualified candidates.

Find out more about setting up a hiring profile and the capabilities of YouCruit here.

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