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The Future of YouCruit - 2021 & Beyond

Written by: Rick Acosta

YouCruit has some exciting improvements in store to enhance your hiring experience in 2021 and beyond. Here’s what you have to look forward to.

We are working on a lot of features right now that will make YouCruit the best platform for sourcing and managing your drivers. Our vision is for you to have a one stop shop for all of your recruiting needs - regardless of what job, truck, or contract type you’re hiring for.

But it’s not just about piling on features - it’s about making your life as a driver recruiter easier. We’re well aware of the headaches that can come with recruiting truck drivers on a daily basis, and we hate to imagine you wasting your precious time on inefficient recruiting practices.

With that as our motivation, we’re hard at work to bring the necessary tools to you as quickly as possible (and always with a focus on quality and a great user experience). Keep reading (or skimming) and find out what we have in mind.

Straight Truck and Owner Operator support

We're bringing full straight truck support to all companies on YouCruit, with Owner Op & Lease Purchase support following closely after.

This is great news for companies that need to hire drivers for their Box Delivery, Ready Mixer, Dump, Garbage, Roll-off, Straight Tanker, and Straight Flatbed positions.

image of truck & owner op Owner operator and Class B support - coming soon to YouCruit.

If implementing Class B and owner op support was as simple as giving you an additional box to tick when setting up a job in YouCruit, we would have done it a long time ago. But our implementation goes much deeper than that.

We’re working together with Lanefinder to ensure that all Straight Truck and Owner Operator jobs that are uploaded to YouCruit are properly sorted and integrated into their driver qualification features as soon as you hit ‘Publish’.

These features will just work. All positions will be ready to advertise as soon as you’re done setting them up, and optimized for Facebook advertising so you can start targeting the right drivers and filling your trucks as soon as possible.

Even better applications from Lanefinder and Facebook ads

We’re also working with Lanefinder to increase the amount of driver applications you receive overall.

Last year, Lanefinder loaded up with quality companies to give each driver a chance to find their ultimate job - this year, they’re focused on increasing the amount of drivers interacting with and sending their applications in the app.

What that means for all companies on YouCruit and Lanefinder is more organic, pre-screened applications completely free of charge.

In case you haven't checked out what Lanefinder looks like from the driver end, watch this video!

Without going too deep into detail, we can tell you that they’re working hard to increase driver engagement and provide you with more quality driver applications with their innovative solutions. They’ll also roll out new hiring filters very soon to drive up lead quality even further.

And of course, we are fully focused on optimizing our Facebook target audience to keep driving that cost per lead down and ensuring you get as many quality applications as possible, regardless of your budget.

Our goal is to get you even more bang for your recruitment dollar, should you choose any of the paid job advertisement options on YouCruit.

DOT compliant applications and improved job setup

As we all know, recruiting truck drivers can be a complex process, and navigating individual hiring policies can be challenging, especially when building software that aims to automate that process.

Our plan is to equip you with more tools to help you recreate your jobs in YouCruit to an even higher degree of accuracy. We're also constantly working to streamline and make job setup easier and even more intuitive.

The biggest and most ambitious improvements to YouCruit will begin to steadily roll out in just a few months. We’re beyond excited for you to experience how easy it will be to hire drivers and obtain everything you need within YouCruit.

Ordering and sending digitized DOT forms will be a breeze, and receive all the expanded employment verification details you need to proceed.

Reports & releases

Obtaining verifications, forms, and releases will be so easy. Just press a button and the rest will be sorted for you. Digital, smooth, easy, seamless… that’s what we want hiring drivers to feel like.

  • MVR & PSP- Along with a full DOT, you’ll be able to request each applicant’s motor vehicle record and PSP report.
  • Release forms - Send and receive release forms simply and smoothly. Drivers can sign the releases right away on their phones and verify their identity with a signature & photo identification on the spot. This is a big improvement over regular methods of obtaining release forms, and will save you lots of time in the long run.
  • Employment verification - You’ll also be able to verify the employment and dates of each driver directly in YouCruit.
  • Criminal background checks - Tick all the boxes and make sure each driver is compliant with your specific misdemeanor & felony hiring policies ( and find out about failed drug tests ) without leaving the platform.

We have an exciting year ahead of us

So as you can see, we have a lot planned for you this year! We believe in the hard work we're doing at YouCruit and we're super excited to roll out these improvements and receive feedback from you, our carrier partners.

It's thanks to you and the other 3,000+ trucking companies that joined YouCruit last year that this is possible, and we're very grateful to all of you. We hope you stick around for the journey and have as much fun using YouCruit as we do making it!

Stay tuned for a video interview with YouCruit CEO, Mats Holmbäck to hear more about what we have in store.

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