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This Company Paid $500 to Hire 4 Truck Drivers With YouCruit and Lanefinder

Written by: Rick Acosta

Just a few months ago, family owned Wood Truck Lines was a company that recruited drivers the old fashioned way.

We're talking newspaper ads, unpaid job board ads, the whole shebang. But one fateful day, they got a call... A call that would end up getting them 4 hires for a whoppingly low $125 per driver.

That call was from Lanefinder, and the Woods decided to give the product a try. Needless to say, their recruitment hasn't been the same since.

If you're still not familiar with Lanefinder and its unique offering in the truck driver recruitment space, you can read about it here.

What did the Wood family do before Lanefinder and YouCruit?

In other words, they were doing what most other similar companies do. As you can imagine, we've talked to a lot of people at a lot of fleets. In fact, we recently (thanks to Lanefinder) surpassed a total of 2,000 trucking companies in YouCruit, with their jobs on the Lanefinder app.

When we ask representatives at these companies about how they get the word out about their jobs they tell us:

"We advertise our jobs on job boards like Craigslist and so on."

Usually this means free ads only. In fact, most companies will add their jobs to the endless list of opportunities and keep their fingers crossed for a good driver to apply.

Craigslist trucking jobs in Chicago example GIF It's not easy to stand out on job boards

The problem was, Wood Truck Lines was stuck in recruitment limbo along with thousands of other American trucking companies. They didn't have a way to stand out.

They were hesitant to pay for job advertising because they, like so many other companies, had been burned by job ad agencies and deals that brought no results whatsoever.

What did Wood Truck Lines' job advertising results look like?

When Lanefinder first reached out to the Woods at Wood Truck Lines, they were having a hard time finding drivers that were interested in what they were offering.

After all, they weren't trying to seduce drivers with extravagant cash bonuses and empty promises. They had a few regular gigs, and needed some great drivers to drive for them.

  • No exposure - A driver's eyes are constantly being pulled in different directions by hundreds of different jobs, each one trying to be more eye-catching and outrageous than the last. How does a good and honest job stand a chance?
  • No results - The problem was that even when the Woods did pay for ads, they found that the applications that were delivered to them did not match up to their expectations.
  • No hires - I'm sure you know that each day a truck's not moving, it's costing you. The Woods needed hires, and they just weren't getting them fast enough.

In short, they had trouble getting attention. We wanted to help them change that with what was essentially a very simple solution.

How we got Wood Truck Lines seen by the right drivers

Firs of all, in order to get Wood Truck Lines on Lanefinder and receiving organic traffic, we helped the upload their lanes to YouCruit. YouCruit offers a ton of features that make recruiting easier for trucking companies. It also serves as a hub to sort through and view all incoming Lanefinder applications.

YouCruit's job setup process includes adding company policies, job specific requirements, hiring and operating areas and more.

Through what was then dubbed a "pay-per-candidate" advertising model, Wood Truck Lines agreed to order an initial 20 "candidates" from YouCruit - completeley risk-free, meaning no paying up front, but rather at a rate of $10 per individual candidate. This, paired with the option to cancel anytime they wanted, reassured Wood Truck Lines that this approach was worth trying. After the first 20 candidates ordered resulted in a hire, they ordered 30 more.

YC Lanefinder Power couple YouCruit brought in the leads, and Lanefinder sealed the deal.

Attention and targeting

The main reason why YouCruit's job advertising campaign succeeded was because we got the job in front of individual drivers in a way that got their attention. When we presented Wood Truck Lines' job, it wasn't sandwiched between hundreds of similar positions on a job board.

We targeted drivers in the Wood family's hiring area on predominantly on platforms such as Facebook to ensure their job was front and center.

Targeting drivers this way meant a significant increase in quality over the applications the Woods usually received on job boards. They not only found that the drivers applying were a better fit, but that they were more responsive as well.

"The drivers seem more interested, and the lead quality has been better overall."

A successful job ad needs to tick these boxes:

  • It needs to reach your target audience efficiently
  • It needs to provide you with a good return on investment
  • It needs space to breathe and receive attention
  • It needs to entice drivers to apply

Almost no small to mid-size trucking company out there has the resources to efficiently advertise their jobs in house. Recruiters and owners are usually overworked, and don't have more than a minute here and there to devote to their job advertising strategy. It's also the reason why most companies just fall back on the tried and true (but not always effective) free job board approach.

When they partner with YouCruit and Lanefinder, companies just like Wood Truck Lines realize that they don't have break their backs to receive automated advertising results. Automated how?

image of YC job ad example Once a job is created in YouCruit, the software can then compile and generate deep and detailed job ads to feature on other platforms (Facebook, Lanefinder) instantly.

All jobs that are posted to YouCruit are also spread to our partner network (Lanefinder,, Monster, careerjet) automatically. This additional free exposure results in even more applicants (at no extra cost), only further increasing the value from any ad budget that is set up.

A simple solution that brought serious results

Remember how I said that the Wood family managed to get 4 hires for the low price of $125 per driver? Let's do the math on that! It's really quite simple.

The Lanefinder YouCruit hiring equation Breaking down your ad spend in a way similar to this can help you understand where your money is going.

In an industry where recruitment is notoriously expensive, good solutions should be considered carefully. The Wood family and their company experienced results comparable to what many other companies have experienced. Good results are not impossible.

In conclusion...

ringing phone vector We'll never promise you magic results, but we will try our absolute best to get your jobs the attention they deserve. We want to encourage you with the knowledge that there are better, newer, and smarter ways to hire great drivers. Ways that cut busywork, allow you to automate advertising, and provide you with free pre-screened applications.

And remember, don't hesitate to reach out! We're always happy to hop on a discovery call and help great drivers find their way home to your company. If you're an existing customer, just shoot your friendly YouCruit representative an email, otherwise reach us at any time.

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