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What’s So Great About the New Lanefinder Website?

Written by: Rick Acosta

Lanefinder just launched a brand new site that allows drivers to easily filter through and find jobs in their area.

The recent launch of the new and revamped improves the Lanefinder experience for both drivers and companies.

Companies that currently advertise their jobs on YouCruit (and which have their jobs on Lanefinder by default) will likely see higher numbers of incoming applications from Lanefinder thanks to the new website.

Drivers, too, can now expect an easier way to get into the Lanefinder experience and start using Lanefinder’s unique job filtering features even before they download the Lanefinder app.

Why Lanefinder created the site

  • A user experience for desktop users - Drivers would previously have had to download a mobile app to experience Lanefinder’s advanced job filters and features.
  • Increase exposure for its carrier partners - Lanefinder aims to reach more drivers and provide all its partners with more exposure and applications.

How it works

Drivers visit the website and are prompted to enter their zip code.


Drivers are then given an overview of all the opportunities in their area.


They can then enter their specific preferences and apply to the jobs that match.


When they choose to apply to a job, they are prompted to enter their phone number. A link to the Lanefinder app is sent where the drivers can fill out pre-screening for the position.

The value for carriers on Lanefinder

A new website means your jobs reach drivers on desktop platforms and a higher likelihood of getting even more pre-screened driver applications from Lanefinder.

With this website in place, Lanefinder hopes to deliver more driver applications to its carrier partners.

The value for drivers

Drivers will get a glimpse into what Lanefinder offers. The website will earn their trust as they see the various opportunities in their area. They will also see how their filters affect the search results in a way that's deeper and provides more feedback than the typical job boards they're used to being on.

Not on Lanefinder? Get in touch

We're always happy to hop on a discovery call and help great drivers find their way home to your company. If you're an existing customer, just shoot your friendly YouCruit representative an email, otherwise reach us at to get onboarded.

If you are reading this and are not yet on Lanefinder, click here to sign up and have a representative reach out to you.

Happy hiring!

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