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YouCruit Jobs on Your Facebook Page

Written by: Magnus Bergholtz

Adding a free job tab to your Facebook company page will allow you to turn fans into colleagues. Any job created or changed within YouCruit will automatically be posted on your Facebook page - saving you time not having to manually manage jobs in multiple locations.

Set up in less than a minute

Sign in to YouCruit and click on "Integrations" in the top right menu under the cog icon.

YouCruit feature integrations

Once you're in the Integrations page, click the button in the section about setting up a Facebook jobs tab.

YouCruit Facebook Integration

In the pop-up that appears, select your company's Facebook page.

That's it!

You should now have a "Jobs" tab on your facebook page. Booyah!

Note: To add the YouCruit jobs tab, you need to be an administrator of your Facebook page.

If you have any issues, don't hesitate to contact us through our website.

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